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Tony Gargano

Coach Tony Gargano focuses on high school strength and conditioning and powerlifting, and is passionate about training high school athletes. Helping them learn is the best part of the job. “CrossFit covers a wide range of skills and movements, so it’s rare to have someone walk through the door for the first time and have everything mastered already,” he says. “As a coach, I love the challenge of finding that cue or progression that can help someone figure out a certain movement. Some skills can take months or even years to get down and when a member finally has that ‘aha’ moment it’s extremely rewarding to see.”

Tony’s path to CrossFit coaching began when the owner of another CrossFit gym encouraged him to do weightlifting at his box. He became a personal trainer and used many of the CrossFit methods in his programming. “I was also an instructor in kettlebell classes at our gym, so when we added CrossFit, that’s when I formally did my level I certification to become a CrossFit coach.”

Back in high school, Tony was not your typical ‘gym rat’ and felt he had a lot of untapped potential. “Basketball was my main sport, and I put in the bare minimum of work in the offseason and thus struggled during the season,” he says. “My senior year, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and hit the weight room. I also joined the cross-country team in the fall before basketball season. That year was by far the best season I had ever played in my life! I look back and really regret not stepping up my training sooner.” Since then, he has made the barbell his life and strives to help younger athletic generations learn from his mistakes while guiding them to reach their athletic potential.


- CrossFit Level 1

- American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

- BS in Exercise Science (2012)

- MPH in Health Promotion, University of Nebraska Medical Center

- IYCA Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Coach (HSSCS)

- Interned in the Strength and Conditioning Department at Utah State University

- Strength and Conditioning Coach at Mercy High School  2013-2018

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