Megan Kuhn

Megan Kuhn

Megan Kuhn

CrossFit Coach



Growing up in small town western Nebraska, I kept busy in sports all year round. Fitness helped pass the time and gave me an opportunity to make life-long friends. At the age of 15, I was running 14 miles on the edge of the highway to train for my first half marathon.

I took a deep dive into fitness and nutrition at the age of 18 as I competed for the title of Miss Nebraska for four consecutive years, which at the time had an on-stage swimsuit competition. My experiences working with personal trainers and following and understanding my rigorous nutrition program helped me feel confident and energized on stage.

When I moved to Omaha in 2013, I started Crossfit at a local gym. During this time, I also competed in numerous Strongman and Powerlifting competitions. As a woman, lifting weights and gaining strength has always helped me feel empowered and confident.

I believe health and wellness go beyond exercise and nutrition. Outside of the gym, I am a (soon-to-be) school counselor. Feeling socially and emotionally healthy is a component of wellness that is often overlooked. I love Crossfit Solaria because members not only get excellent exercise and nutrition coaching, the family-like environment at Solaria feeds its members social and emotional needs as well.

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