Have you met the Switch Witch?

Ghouls, Goblins, and Monsters all sweep the streets on the last night of October. You prep your kiddos to be scary, cute, fun and cool for a chance to stay up late and get candy! Halloween is the one night you get to be someone – or something – else, walk alongside people in your community, subject yourself to a haunted house or two and take candy from neighbors.

While there are so many positive sides to trick or treating, there is one major negative side. The CANDY!  In all its glory and yumminess, candy is not an ideal part of a well-balanced diet! It can cause hyperactivity, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and so much more. So how can you alleviate the burden of such a monumental part of Halloween?

Introduce the Switch Witch!

The Switch Witch is a fun and exciting way to get rid of all the excess candy. After a fun night of Trick-Or-Treating, have your kids choose the top 5-10 pieces of candy that they want to keep and then put the rest outside of their door. Why would they do that you ask? Read the poem on the graphic to learn more!

What do you do with the extra candy, you ask? Easy: donate it! There are organizations a-plenty that would be happy to use it to further their cause. Take Operation Gratitude for example. This nonprofit sends care packages to military and first responders stationed overseas. For more information about Operation Gratitude, visit their website.

Let’s get our kiddos started on the path to living a healthy life now!

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