Sue’s Journey

This post is for all the “M” ladies out there.  You know, all the ladies who happen to be…mature, modish, marvelous, matchless, memorable, and annoyingly, menopausal.  UGH.  We ladies get initiated into this exclusive club somewhere between the ages of 45 and 55.

If you had a similar experience to me, it was comparable to having your weird Uncle Earl show up uninvited and making your spare bedroom his permanent residence.  Now, every day, all you want is him GONE.  If you also enjoyed the 35 pounds that Uncle Earl brought with him, you know the nightmare of ridding yourself of this overload.

For me, that 35 pounds was devastating.  I was never overweight (except when pregnant, and hey, that doesn’t count.)  I exercised daily and could pretty much eat anything I wanted without ever gaining any weight.   At 40, I was bored with my fitness routine, so I started running marathons.  To this day, I can swim a mile in less than 45 minutes.  Exercise.  Check.

Moving through my 50’s, I started noticing many changes.  The pounds started showing up on the scale.  My clothes began to get tight.  My periods became irregular.  You get the picture.  At my next doctor’s appointment, I was informed that I was pre-menopausal.  When I asked my physician for help with the added pounds, she suggested I go to Weight Watchers.  (At this point I’m thinking…..Really?  That’s all you have for me?  What about Suzanne Somers?)  I don’t want to knock WW, but it wasn’t for me.

Two years ago, I was desperate to lose the extra pounds because my daughter, Megan, was getting married, and I was wearing a sleeveless ball gown.  I tried the protein shake thing.  And then KETO.  (Don’t ask Megan about me and KETO–she’ll say that we had a one-night stand.)  I will never forget the day I got my gown fitted–I burst into tears.  Megan asked me why I was crying, and I remember saying, (through sobs) “I have looked at one body for the last 55 years, and I don’t recognize this person I see in the mirror.”  I mean, I had started CrossFit and was eating healthy, but still no results showed up on the scale.  That was annoying AF.

This fall our gym, CrossFit Solaria, held a members-only CrossFit Games competition.  To get extra points for my team, I made an appointment for a nutrition consultation with Alex.  She asked if I was willing to try to lose this weight ONE MORE TIME, and I was.  (I mean–what have I got to lose right?)  From that first meeting, I knew this program was different.  I found out that although I was eating healthy, I wasn’t getting the nutrients that my body needed to function properly.  It’s now been three months, and I’ve managed to lose 14 pounds through three holidays and a wedding.  Not bad!  Thanks to Alex and her nutrition coaching, my mindset is now motivated, muscular, and mighty.   I AM going to lose these extra pounds.

Can I get an “Amen sista”?

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