"I wanted to quit before day 1..."


As an active fighter for the community, working full time as the Clinical Director at the Women’s Center for Advancement, and a supermom of five kids, Jessyca signed up for our 6-Week Program as a 42nd birthday present to herself. Under a staggering amount of stress, she begrudgingly dragged herself in for the first class back in February:

“On the first day, at that point I was really only committing to 6 weeks…I had been crying all day due to some personal stress I was under, and I probably would have done anything to get out of coming on day one..” she says.

Fast-forward 1 year, Jessyca is now a near-permanent fixture at CrossFit Solaria. Due to Jessyca’s hard-work and dedication both inside and outside of the gym (alongside her inability to concede to a challenge) she’s seen some absolutely incredible results. To date she has lost 26 pounds of fat mass, or 9% body fat, as well as several inches all over her body, and gained 7 pounds of muscle. Her endurance and strength continue to improve, and she now uses the physical release of exercise to help manage stress.

So, what’s the secret to Jessyca’s success you ask? She prioritized herself and her wellbeing, built a consistent fitness routine, and changed her nutrition habits to reflect her goals. She didn’t start a crazy fad elimination diet. She didn’t start working out twice a day for hours on end. She made small, manageable changes and continuously built upon them until they created BIG results. She asked for help and held herself accountable for not being “perfect” – because, let’s face it, perfection is a bogus concept that was created to make people feel inferior. She found that self-love and told herself that SHE. IS. WORTH. IT.

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