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Greg Petersen

Owner and Coach Greg Petersen has been CrossFitting for nearly a decade and is Functional Movement Screen certified. He loves seeing people accomplish things they never thought possible, while accomplishing their goals. Though he didn't play any sports in high school or college, he trained in Tae-Kwon-Do for 15 years and is a 3rd degree black belt. He started CrossFit in 2008, and became a Level 1 trainer a few years later. He took the leap toward opening CrossFit Solaria two years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Alex Benson

Alex Benson has been involved in CrossFit since 2018. Though newer to this sport, Alex has been involved in countless others throughout her life. "At age 5 I started playing basketball and taking dance lessons; by age 8 I added competitive swimming to the docket; and by age 14 I had found yet another passion for volleyball and began playing competitively throughout the country, and on my high school team. I've always reveled in the physical challenges associated with mastering a new sport, and being able to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

” This is a sentiment she carries through to her coaching of others in CrossFit. “It’s always so rewarding to see someone push past their self-defined capabilities. I often tell people to get out of their own head, to push past that feeling of “I can’t possibly do xyz” – and once they take down that mental barrier, it’s amazing what they accomplish.”

In addition to her experience in sports growing up, Alex is fluent in Spanish, an avid yogi, a hiking fanatic, a bookworm, and a nutrition enthusiast to boot. She’s passionate about continuing to evolve her knowledge of exercise science and nutrition, but above all, she’s passionate about helping people become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

Regina Petersen

Regina Petersen has been CrossFitting for seven years, and as a mobility coach loves seeing people push themselves to try a new skill or get a new PR. "Seeing them complete a weight or workout that they thought they couldn't do is something I really enjoy," she says. Regina has been active in martial arts for 24 years and is a 3rd-degree black belt. "I've been a martial arts instructor for 20 years," she says.

She also teaches martial arts to youth and adults at Montclair Community Center. What brought her to CrossFit? “I started CrossFit with my family and really liked it,” she says. “I got my level 1 certification in January 2015 when Crossfit Solaria first opened.”

Her favorite quote is: “Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general.” – Mark Rippetoe


Growing up in small town western Nebraska, I kept busy in sports all year round. Fitness helped pass the time and gave me an opportunity to make life-long friends. At the age of 15, I was running 14 miles on the edge of the highway to train for my first half marathon. I took a deep dive into fitness and nutrition at the age of 18 as I competed for the title of Miss Nebraska for four consecutive years, which at the time had an on-stage swimsuit competition.

My experiences working with personal trainers and following and understanding my rigorous nutrition program helped me feel confident and energized on stage.

When I moved to Omaha in 2013, I started Crossfit at a local gym. During this time, I also competed in numerous Strongman and Powerlifting competitions. As a woman, lifting weights and gaining strength has always helped me feel empowered and confident.

I believe health and wellness go beyond exercise and nutrition. Outside of the gym, I am a (soon-to-be) school counselor. Feeling socially and emotionally healthy is a component of wellness that is often overlooked. I love Crossfit Solaria because members not only get excellent exercise and nutrition coaching, the family-like environment at Solaria feeds its members social and emotional needs as well.

Crossfit Solaria Coach


My Crossfit journey started almost 4 years ago. At the time, I may have been a bit in denial about my fitness level. A former high school athlete who still played soccer on a regular basis, I was looking for something to keep me in shape as I finished college. Initially, I would come to class 3-4 times per week - doing just enough effort to get me through the workouts - put forth minimal effort to change my diet and would skip class if I saw a workout I wasn’t comfortable with - much to Greg’s disapproval.

Fast forward two years to when my life took a complete 180 both personally and professionally. While my life was in turmoil, I clung to the gym for the routine it provided in my life. I started attending class 5-6 times per week, each week working towards improving a weakness, and never thought to skip a workout that looked too challenging. Thanks to that commitment, I can now say I’ve never been more fit – or energetic -in my life.

I’m beyond grateful I took a chance on a random Facebook post 4 years ago that listed a new Crossfit gym opening. I found my “box family” who has been cheering me on every step of the way towards achieving every goal I’ve set for myself – in and out of the box. There’s no way I would be where I am today if I had just gone to a gym or tried doing this on my own. Now, as a coach, I get to help others find the same respite I did in this gym each and every day. That’s the true reward.


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